What Can You Expect from a Session?

You can bring whatever you’d like help with into a session.  It’s possible to experience a remarkable shift regarding whatever is ‘up’ for you  — whether that be past or present triggers or traumas you want to overcome; energetic or emotional blocks you’ve been anxious to clear; old habits you’ve had difficulty changing; positive strengths you want to enhance; spiritual longings you yearn to bring to fruition; performance skills you’d love to develop, etc.

I work intuitively and bring clear seeing and a deep knowing to our sessions.  


During the session, I will help you to get to the heart, or root, of the challenge you’re dealing with and to make the lasting changes you’re longing for.  After the session, there’s often a feeling of relief, lightness and renewed confidence and energy, as old patterns dissolve and as exciting, new possibilities open up. It can be surprising for people to see how naturally and spontaneously they move towards healing.

What enables all this to happen?   In part, it is the cutting edge therapeutic tools  that I am highly trained in, which help us to quickly and effectively access the core of an issue and release it.  But, equally important, is the depth of insight, clarity and intuitive resonance that I bring to my relationships with my clients.   These skills have come from my over thirty years of experience as a therapist, as well as through my own life challenges, personal healing work, and ongoing spiritual quest.

My style is heartful, compassionate, down to earth and perceptive – – sprinkled with a little humor.  When sitting with a client, I see ‘myself’ in them, and can feel what it’s like to be in your shoes.  I’m then able to clearly sense exactly what is the most effective way to support you, in each moment, in the healing and changes you’re longing for.