Hypnotherapy: A Powerful Healing Tool


Although we no longer expect to see a hypnotist wearing a top hat and swinging a watch on a chain, hypnosis still conjures up images of mystery and loss of control.  Don’t worry; you won’t be leaving your therapy session clucking like a chicken. However, you may be surprised to find some very pleasant changes occurring after a hypnotherapy session.
What actually happens in a hypnotherapy trance? How does it feel to be in one?

A hypnotic trance does not take you to some ‘out there’ place that you’ve never been to before. The trance state itself is a state we’ve all experienced in our day to day lives – in a variety of different forms, both positive and negative.  You can be in a trance be while listening to a soothing piece of music and drifting off; basking in the sun; or even when walking down the street so preoccupied with our thoughts that you don’t notice you’re about to bump into something.


The  difference between a therapeutic trance and the kind of trance you may happen to find yourself in when we’re “zoning out”,  is that in therapy, you will  be safely guided into a deeply relaxed state by the therapist’s tone and pace of voice and soothing words.  In this relaxed space, you’ll feel an inner warmth; comfort; security and refreshment.  It will be easy to let go of your busy day- to- day barrage of thoughts.  Your mind will becomes clearer and calmer, making it possible for you to get in touch with your intuition, feelings and inner guidance.  You’ll be in complete control, just as you would  when relaxing in an easy chair at home.  Your eyes can be open or closed and you’ll be able to speak freely and normally.


How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

The beauty of this process is that your quiet inner space, or unconscious, is a vast reservoir of ‘knowing’ and creativity, which when tapped into, can help you to gain the insight you need, or make whatever changes you want to in your life.  In this space, you’ll also be able to tap into your abilities, talents and confidence, and to apply these strengths in your daily life. You may also find that you’re much more receptive to supportive, positive, suggestions and solutions.


What Kind of Issues does Hypnotherapy Help with?

Hypnotherapy addresses a wide variety of issues and can be especially helpful when someone is feeling ‘stuck’ in dealing with a particular problem.  It is often used to shift habitual thought patterns, such as self-criticism – or to change behaviors,  like exercise or diet.  It’s extremely valuable in  transforming emotional states, such as overcoming depression  or building self-confidence.  It’s also very effective in healing issues and feelings, (like anxiety, depression or anger), that stem from earlier in one’s life.  Hypnotherapy can help you get in touch with and heal the source of these difficulties – whether they be past events, childhood issues, abuse, etc. Once the source of these issues is resolved through hypnotherapy, your current anxiety, depression or anger will begin to lift.