What is a session like?


What is a Brainspotting session like? or WHAT TAKES PLACE IN A BRAINSPOTTING SESSION?


In a typical Brainspotting session, while we’re talking together, you’ll also be listening to a CD which plays soothing background music and/or nature sounds, alternating from ear to ear.  As you’re listening to the calming CD, you’ll rest your eye gaze on a ‘Brainspot’, which is a particular  spot in the room, which will help your brain efficiently process and release whatever difficulty you are working on.  You will also be able to use a ‘Brainspot’ to connect with strengths and inner resources to support you in your healing. 


What is an EMDR session like?


In an EMDR session you will be listening to a CD, which plays soothing music from ear to ear – or you may be holding hand tappers, which gently click from one hand to another.   As you’re listening to the CD or holding the hand tappers, we will focus in on the difficulty you wish to work on.  The side to side movement  of the CD or tappers helps you to easily focus in on and access the core of the issue, and to process through and release it, from where it’s held in your body, as well as in your mind and emotions.  You’ll know when an issue is complete because you will no longer feel triggered by it.


You can also use EMDR to enhance positive qualities and strengths, such as confidence or performance skills.



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